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Metaphor streamlines data from silos to synergy, boosting your ROI through a unified collaboration.

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"Metaphor greatly simplifies the complexity of our highly dynamic data environment and makes it very accessible for users to quickly discover trusted data."
Ayelet Bar-Ness Cohen
Data Product Manager
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Where collaboration sparks innovation

Metaphor is your go-to hub for data conversations, streamlining team data collaboration and decision-making with a tailored Activity Feed.
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Capture institutional knowledge

Metaphor meets users where they are - including Slack and MS Teams. Capture and summarize threads of conversations using Metaphor AI Smart Summary that get to the root and remove the extra noise.
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Insights Where You Work

Metaphor has made it easy for all users to search, share, and quickly access details about their data on Slack and MS Teams, through the Metaphor extension, and directly with the data catalog.
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Metaphor integrates with the modern metadata stack for a seamless technical and business experience.

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