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Why Data Teams Love Metaphor

"Simplifies the complexity of our data"

Metaphor greatly simplifies the complexity of our highly dynamic data environment and makes it very accessible for users to quickly discover trusted data.
Ayelet Bar-Ness Cohen
Data Product Manager, Fiverr

"Surpassed overall usage"

Within a few months of implementing Metaphor we have already surpassed the overall platform usage of our previous data catalog solution.
Justin Swenson
Product Technical Lead, Sub-Zero Group, Inc

"The 360° view of Endpoint's data"

We see Metaphor as the 360° view of Endpoint Closing’s data landscape and acting as the portal for anything and everything data-related.
Sunny Pachunuri
Head of Data Engineering, Endpoint Closing

"Intuitive user interface"

Metaphor's intuitive user interface makes it very easy for our end users to find the data and documentation they care about. It also lets our Data team quickly understand the complex lineage and impact of changes before doing work on data.
Micah Rye
Data Insights Leader, Tulip Technologies

"Enables our data mission"

Metaphor enables our mission to revolutionize how orgs accelerate their marketing outcomes by automatically visualizing and clearly understanding the flow of data.
Jonathan Kopnick
CTO, Revenue Roll

Govern & Troubleshoot

Power tools for the technical user to easily govern the organization's data and troubleshoot problems with an added dimension of social signals.

Automatic Column-Level Lineage

Explore table or column-level lineage to conduct quick troubleshooting or understand the impact analysis of changing your data. Easily view social and behavioral signals to further analyze the lineage and assess your data's usage.

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Governance Tags

Structure your data the way that works for your organization with Metaphor's highly flexible Governance tags. Whether it's curation-, domain- or product-based, users can find all tagged assets, including datasets and documents, in one click.

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Ownership & Contacts

Easily assign your data experts as contacts in Metaphor to help your users get their most important data questions answered within minutes. Help facilitate conversations about data so that everyone on your team can access it and no detail is ever lost.

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Search and Discover Trusted Data

Highly intuitive ways to find business or technical data, making even the non-technical user a power user of the catalog.


Easily find data assets, like datasets and dashboards, and business or technical terms across your entire data stack. Search with specially crafted search operators to pinpoint and answer very specific questions about your data with just a few clicks.

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Schema Hierarchy

Explore and expand your technical schema to help you get to the right section or asset within clicks. Boost your team's efficiency by easily viewing schema-level assets by jumping from the asset hierarchy to list view where users can further filter and bulk apply special attributes.

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Social Hashtags

Crowd sourced Social Hashtags facilitate organic discovery of data or conversations about it, and compliment more structured tags for Governance. Browse trending hashtags to cross-collaborate and stay informed of data conversations and projects.

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Build a Culture of Data Literacy

Highly accessible documentation for the business or technical user that stays up-to-date and relevant with minimal effort.

Data-Aware Live Wiki

The data people need to know lives all over the place. From Google Docs and Slack threads, to inside other apps and in the minds of your best and brightest. Metaphor captures all of your company’s data details in a single Document that is accessible by all users.

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Social Posts for Data

Metaphor transforms tid-bits into knowledge. When information is easily surfaced, and is verified by experts, it becomes something much more powerful: Knowledge. Capture tribal knowledge, boost effectiveness, and free data users from wasting time hunting down information.

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Built into Slack & Teams

Meet your users where they are. Easily search for data or knowledge, receive important alerts, and share commonly used data artifacts directly on Slack or Microsoft Teams. Capture knowledge natively from Slack and Teams into Metaphor to further build internal data context and details.

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Enterprise Ready

Get the 360 degree view of your data, no matter what team you are on

Cloud Native SaaS

Our SOC2 compliant, single tenent SaaS service is available in your region or in your VPC.

Scaled to Your Data

No limits on data environment size or users. Built to improve upon Linkedin DataHub's battle -hardened architecture.

Secure by Default

Metaphor has no direct access to your systems, and never touches your data. It's built to be a service that is SOC 2 compliant.

24/7 Support

Our support and customer success team is ready to help you whenever you need it.

Designed for All Teams

Metaphor is a powerful tool for Data Teams, but more importantly is a highly effective yet simple tool for Consumers of data across the whole company.

For Data Teams

Data Engineers, Analytics Engineers, Subject Matter Experts, Data Stewards - building and maintaining a self-service data platform.

  • Document Easily discover data across the entire stack, write technical details and business-friendly wiki that is easily consumed by non-technical users.
  • Support Support your users directly in Slack and use the catalog as a Data Enablement tool to quickly onboard users for a more personalized experience.
  • Troubleshoot Use the powerful filtering and automatic lineage capability to easily kick-off any troubleshooting exercise.

For Data Consumers

Business Analysts, BI Users, Product Teams, Data Scientists - and any other roles across the company who consume data.

  • Find Trusted Data Look for dashboards, tables or documents you care about and examine popularity indicators like frequency of use and whether it is used by trusted colleagues.
  • Read Documentation Look for dashboards, tables or documents you care about and examine popularity indicators like frequency of use and whether it is used by trusted colleagues.
  • Collaborate Find and share use cases with colleagues anywhere in your organization, no matter if you interact with them on a regular basis or not.
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