Documentation that keeps up with you

Highly accessible documentation for the business or technical user that stays up-to-date and relevant with minimal effort.

Data Aware Live Wiki

Access documentation that everyone can understand and use with rich-text documentation. Help your users quickly onboard with Data Enablement, FAQs, Metrics, Data Products, and more.

Capture Tribal Knowledge in Social Posts

Understand how data is used within your team or across the entire organization with social posts that capture different use cases, alert incidents, notify of deprecation and more.

Built into Slack and Teams

Search, share and capture important data conversations and requests from the place your users live the most. Get live notifications in your private or company channel so you never miss a beat on data updates.

Make your data actionable today!

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What Our Customers Say

"Surpassed overall usage"

Within a few months of implementing Metaphor we have already surpassed the overall platform usage of our previous data catalog solution.
Justin Swenson
Product Technical Lead, Sub-Zero Group, Inc

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers say

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"We see Metaphor as the 360° view of Endpoint Closing’s data landscape and acting as the portal for anything and everything data-related."

Sunny Pachunuri
Head of Data Engineering, Endpoint Closing

Metaphor greatly simplifies the complexity of our highly dynamic data environment and makes it very accessible for users to quickly discover trusted data.

Ayelet Bar-Ness Cohen
Data Product Manager, Fiverr

Metaphor's intuitive user interface makes it very easy for our end users to find the data and documentation they care about. It also lets our Data team quickly understand the complex lineage and impact of changes before doing work on data.

Micah Rye
Data Insights Leader,
Tulip Technologies

Metaphor enables RevenueRoll's mission to revolutionize how organizations accelerate their marketing outcomes by automatically visualizing and clearly understanding the flow of data.

Jonathan Kopnick
CTO, Revenue Roll