What's New in March 2023

Knowledge Cards just got an exciting makeover! We are introducing Social Posts - a new way of making data more actionable.

Head of Design
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March 7, 2023
What's New in March 2023

We are thrilled to announce a major update to our platform's Knowledge Panel and introduce 💬 Social Posts & Notices (formerly known as Knowledge Cards)!

Social Posts & Notices let users across the enterprise persist the collective institutional knowledge about the data in one location, contextualized and attached to the data asset. We renamed Knowledge Cards and made it even simpler for users to Comment, Like, Pin, and Share Posts about assets in the catalog.

📣 Social Posts

Social Posts help users document use cases, best practices, and questions about data. Users can mention any data asset, document, or person in Posts.

👍 Show appreciation with 'Likes'

Metaphor users can give their thumbs-up by 'Liking' posts and showing interest in their peer's content.

💬 Keep the thread going with 'Comments'

Similar to 'Likes,' users can also keep the convo going by leaving comments directly on the post, making the conversation available to other users with similar questions.

📫 Notices & Service Requests

Notices & Service Requests help users capture and communicate technical updates or service asks. Notices include Incident and Deprecation, and Service Requests could include a range of requests, including access to a data asset, an update to its description or governed tags, and more.

🔔 Alert your team with Notices 

Data admins can notify data producers and consumers about important updates by creating Incident or Deprecation notices.

✅ Keep data fresh with Service Requests

Keep your data updated and accessible to everyone in your organization with Service Requests.

📍 Pins

Pins are a helpful way for users to save and easily access Social Posts or Notices important to them. In addition, Data Admins can use 'Shared Pins*' to create general announcements (*coming soon).

About Metaphor

The Metaphor Metadata Platform represents the next evolution of the Data Catalog - it combines best in class Technical Metadata (learnt from building DataHub at LinkedIn) with Behavioral and Social Metadata. It supercharges an organization’s ability to democratize data with state of the art capabilities for Data Governance, Data Literacy and Data Enablement, and provides an extremely intuitive user interface that turns even the most non-technical user into a fan of the catalog. See Metaphor in action today!