What's New in June 2022

We are excited to announce a new set of features this June to help you and your team make data more actionable!

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July 1, 2022
What's New in June 2022

We are excited to announce a new set of features this June to help you and your team make data more actionable! All of the features listed below are automatically enabled for your environment.

New Feature: Impact Analysis

This hotly requested feature allows data teams to drastically reduce the amount of time (and headache) it takes to understand changes' impact before they make them.

Metaphor’s Impact Analysis feature allows users to see the technical lineage of all downstream objects and observe behavioral signals of usage statistics and social signals of who in the organization cares about the data. Individuals who ‘Follow’ data assets or have mentioned it in any knowledge card or document can easily be identified so that they can be contacted for inputs before changes are made.

Learn more about Impact Analysis.

New Feature: Impact Analysis

New Feature: Asset and Document Contacts

Asset Contacts are a highly flexible way to associate authoritative individuals with any type of asset (datasets, dashboards, documents, etc). Users may use the typical Data Stewardship model and assign Stewards to tables, or they can assign Technical or Business Owners. Organizations building a Data Mesh architecture can also use Data Product Managers to define points of contact associated with an asset.

Users may also choose to assign Slack channels or email addresses as catchall locations users can reach out to.

Learn more about Contacts.

New Feature: Contacts for Data Assets and Documents

New Feature: Advanced Search

This capability lets users narrow their search based on one or more search operators. Access supported search operators in the search dropdown and apply as desired. For example, you can use a search string such as `has:tags governed_tag:gold schema:ride share` to view all matching assets.

Learn more about Basic and Advanced Search.

New Feature: Advanced Search Operators

New Feature: Roles & Permissions in Metaphor

In Metaphor, an admin can assign four unique roles for their immediate team(s) and greater organization:

  • Admin - The Admin role is a superuser who has R/W access to every function within the Metaphor app (typically restricted to 2-3 individuals within the Data Team)
  • Data Admin - The Data-Admin role denotes individuals like Data Engineers or Analysts who manage Metaphor within an organization
  • Contributors - The Contributor role denotes Subject Matter Experts, Product Managers, and similar who will likely write authoritative content such as table/column descriptions or documents
  • Viewers - Any user within an organization that has access to the software - they are primarily viewers and can contribute social content, such as knowledge cards

Learn more about Roles and Permissions.

Roles and Permissions in Metaphor

About Metaphor

The Metaphor Metadata Platform represents the next evolution of the Data Catalog - it combines best in class Technical Metadata (learnt from building DataHub at LinkedIn) with Behavioral and Social Metadata. It supercharges an organization’s ability to democratize data with state of the art capabilities for Data Governance, Data Literacy and Data Enablement, and provides an extremely intuitive user interface that turns even the most non-technical user into a fan of the catalog. See Metaphor in action today!