Unveiling Data Blind Spots: How Socializing Data Quality Transforms Your Business

Socialize Data Quality and Data Observability results from Monte Carlo, Soda.io, Lightup, dbt Tests and others.

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January 1, 2024
Unveiling Data Blind Spots: How Socializing Data Quality Transforms Your Business

The data you rely on for critical decisions—the foundation of your business insights—is often shrouded in technical obscurity. Data quality checks happen, but the results are confined to engineers' screens, leaving business users in the dark. This disconnect, a data blind spot, can cost you dearly in misinformed decisions, missed opportunities, and eroded trust.

But what if we could bridge the gap? What if data quality insights, typically managed by the data team, could be transparently communicated to everyone who uses that data?

Metaphor announces its newest capability—the ability to surface Data Quality/Observability and Freshness Signals to all users within the company.

Immediate data health indicators: Tables within your analytics catalog display clear red, yellow, or green flags, instantly revealing data quality concerns.
Empowered business users: No more having to ask ‘Can I trust this report’ ! Quality warnings and data freshness indicators appear directly within familiar dashboards, alongside key insights.
Lineage with purpose: See beyond technical connections. Trace the potential impact of upstream data issues on downstream dashboards with an intuitive lineage view.

Metaphor goes beyond surfacing data inconsistencies. We democratize the understanding of them, transforming complex metrics into actionable insights for everyone.

The Impact of surfacing quality and freshness information : 

  • Proactive prevention: Identify data issues before they impact reports and decisions. Teams can address concerns immediately, minimizing downstream consequences.
  • Enhanced trust: Transparency fosters confidence. When business users see data quality concerns upfront, they trust the resulting insights far more.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Informed choices across departments, powered by a shared understanding of data health.
  • Reduced Data Support: Elimination of the repetitive cycle of users having to ask ‘Can I trust this report?’

Metaphor’s quality and freshness indicators break down silos, bridge the gap between technical expertise and business needs, and empower everyone to make informed decisions based on trustworthy data.

About Metaphor

The Metaphor Metadata Platform represents the next evolution of the Data Catalog - it combines best in class Technical Metadata (learnt from building DataHub at LinkedIn) with Behavioral and Social Metadata. It supercharges an organization’s ability to democratize data with state of the art capabilities for Data Governance, Data Literacy and Data Enablement, and provides an extremely intuitive user interface that turns even the most non-technical user into a fan of the catalog. See Metaphor in action today!