What's New in October 2023

Super-charge your data with our new Universal Search, updated Domains landing page, expanded Coverage Metrics, and so much more!

Head of Design
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October 26, 2023
What's New in October 2023

This month, we are excited to share new and improved features to make your Metaphor experience extra special! We've super-charged our search experience with the new Universal Search (aka ask Metaphor any data question, just like you would ask a friend), new and improved Domains landing page, more Coverage Metrics for your data, and so much more! Find details below or in our blog post.

Universal Search - Preview!

All catalog users can now ask questions about their metadata in natural language, just like they might if they wanted to get support from the data team. Metaphor AI gives users insightful answers that guide them to relevant assets and documentation.

Designed with busy business users in mind, our Universal Search feature* ensures that users get swift responses to queries about metadata, eliminating the need to look up and read documentation or jump on Slack and ask a question, yet again, that may have already been answered many times in the past. Streamline data access today with Universal Search because getting the information you need should be as simple as having a conversation.

*Available upon request

Domains Landing Page

The Domains landing page presents users with trusted data assets that are most relevant to them, simplifying their catalog experience and helping them find the information they need quickly. With the new and improved landing page design, users can see latest activity and conversations about a domain, browse and view list of data products and assets.

*Available upon request

Custom Governed Tags

Need a handy way to endorse certain assets, create and apply an Endorsement tag making it highly visible to all users that this asset has been blessed by the data team?

Introducing Custom Governed Tags! Data admins and contributors can now personalize their governed tags in Metaphor by assigning colors and icons tailored to their organization. With the help of customized tags, all catalog users can easily spot important assets at a glance, and better understand their purpose.

Coverage Metrics for Asset Hierarchy

Last month, we introduced Coverage Metrics, one of our latest features designed to supercharge data governance efforts. This capability provides a clear, at-a-glance view of the completion status of their data assets, including descriptions, governed tags, and contacts. It is now available for databases, schemas, and domains in the Asset Hierarchy landing pages of your data.

About Metaphor

The Metaphor Metadata Platform represents the next evolution of the Data Catalog - it combines best in class Technical Metadata (learnt from building DataHub at LinkedIn) with Behavioral and Social Metadata. It supercharges an organization’s ability to democratize data with state of the art capabilities for Data Governance, Data Literacy and Data Enablement, and provides an extremely intuitive user interface that turns even the most non-technical user into a fan of the catalog. See Metaphor in action today!